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    Donpaul McAllister (Born December 12th) is an American song-writer, guitar player and vocalist. His richly textured musical layers are distinctive in a style pulling from multiple genera and coming together in a blend of emotion and a stark visual component developed through thoughtful lyrics and delicate vocal delivery.

    History: McAllister Productions was formed as an outlet for Donpaul McAllister's music and other artistic collaborations. Other artists are involved in music recordings, photography, painting, text adventure games, etc...

    Early Days: Donpaul McAllister, Founded and played in many bands including: Sin Echo, Alternative Factor, Audio Origami, Chien Bizarre and SoulFade. Besides guitar & vocal performance, Donpaul concentrates on lyrics, song construction and recording projects. Classic rock from Pink Floyd and David Bowie to darker sounds from Bauhaus to The Sisters of Mercy (Among many others) have influenced his sound and style.

    Present Day: Currently, Donpaul is working on solo and collaborative recording efforts and live band performances. Donpaul supports local artists and strives to collaborate with other individuals as often as possible.

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